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The CIA and its friends have been busy.

A knifeman 'shouts Allahu Akbar' as he attacks a couple at the Oberhausen music festival.

An Indonesia church attack sees an ISIS suicide bomber stab a priest before his explosives fail.

Alex Jones can blame Muslims and not the CIA and Mossad.

The CIA's Al-Nusra makes use of kids.

Amir Mahmud, who worked for the CIA in Afghanistan, started the ISIS Supporters Forum in Indonesia in 2014.

Indonesia does not prohibit its citizens from supporting ISIS or fighting for them abroad.

Amir Mahmud has not been arrested.

Indonesia's new generation of jihadis | Reuters.

The CIA 'controls the top people in Indonesia'.

Abu Abdullah al-Britani

The Sun has reported that a British boy, Abu Abdullah al-Britani, has appeared in an ISIS 'execution' video.

The boy is white, blue-eyed and aged around 12.

MI5 and its friends are said to mind control kids.

Above, we see a seven-year-old Australian boy holding a severed head. This suggests mind control. KURT LEWIN, TAVISTOCK, ISIS.

"The CIA experimented extensively with brainwashing during the 1950s and 1960s, honing techniques that could force someone to kill, then have no recollection afterward.

"Some 44 universities, 12 hospitals and three prisons helped out with the experiments."

The CIA tried mind control to create the perfect assassin - New York Post

Londoner Sally Jones (above) joined ISIS.

"A 1954 document details a CIA experiment during which two women were hypnotized and one was made to try to wake the other.

"When the first woman didn't stir, the other woman was ordered to 'fly into a rage and shoot her.'

"The entranced woman picked up an (intentionally unloaded) pistol, pointed it at the other woman and pulled the trigger before falling into a 'deep sleep.'

"Upon waking, neither woman remembered anything about the sequence."

The CIA tried mind control to create the perfect assassin - New York Post

The Moslem 'terrorist' Taimur Abdulwahab (above) had a JEWISH GIRLFRIEND

"Another time, a hypnotized woman was told to wait by a phone to receive a call.

"The person on the other end would mention a code word in the course of a normal conversation, causing the woman to pass into an undetectable trance state.

"The woman would then proceed to a location and plant an incendiary device hidden in a briefcase."

The CIA tried mind control to create the perfect assassin - New York Post

The original Michael Adebolajo, the friendly Christian boy, who was accused of being a Moslem terrorist.

"One hypnotist told the CIA in 1951 that he had used his powers to induce 'young girls to engage in sexual intercourse with him.'

"In 1952, another specialist said that with the correct conditioning, 'Individuals could be taught to do anything, including murder.'"

The CIA tried mind control to create the perfect assassin - New York Post

Paul Bonacci in front of the ranch where, reportedly, Johnny Gosch, and other boys were held captive.

It has been widely reported that the US military tortures American children as part of mind-control experiments.

1. Paul A. Bonacci said that, as a child, he was kidnapped, tortured and subjected to sex abuse and mind control.

In 1999, in a court in Omaha, he won $1,000,000 in damages. (Mind Control Victim Awarded $1 Million)

Bonacci in his testimony referred to the involvement of top members of the US military and top politicians in child abuse.

The Washington Times reported that Paul Bonacci had access to the White House living quarters.

Johnny Gosch is reportedly one of those tortured by the US military. cremationofcare / Mind Control Victim Awarded $1 Million

Bonacci testified on videotape (5-14-1990) for Nebraska State Police investigator Gary Caradori:

"Bonacci said that while on a trip to Sacramento, he was forced at gun-point to commit homosexual acts on another boy before he watched other men do the same - after which the boy was shot in the head."

(Child sex rings linked to top Americans? Part 2)

Lt Col Aquino

Col. Michael Aquino is one of those frequently mentioned in cases relating to child abuse and mind-control.

(Michael Aquino, child sex abuse and the United States.)

Kurt Lewin

2. In 1921, in London, the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations was set up to study the 'breaking point' of humans.

(Project Monarch: Nazi Mind Control by Ron Patton)

In 1932, Kurt Lewin, a German-Jewish psychologist, became the director of the Tavistock Institute.

He studied the use of terror to achieve mind control.

(Cached )

In Germany, similar research was being carried out by the Germans.

There were many links between the fascists in Germany and the fascists in Britain.

For example, the Order of the Golden Dawn, a masonic-style secret society which had Aleister Crowley as a member, included German Nazis and British aristocrats.

(Project Monarch: Nazi Mind Control by Ron Patton)

Mengele who reportedly worked for the CIA and helped to brainwash Oswald (aangirfan: Mengele, Oswald, the CIA )

3. Dr. Josef Mengele studied mind-control at Auschwitz. Children were tortured and sometimes died. (MENGELE, MOSSAD AND THE CIA).

One of Mengele's assistants was Berthold Epstein, who was Jewish.

How the Nazis treated children

4. During World War II, at Colgate University in the USA, Dr. George Estabrooks of Colgate University was working on mind-control.

(George Estabrooks - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

5. After World War II, the U.S. military brought a large number of the top German Nazi scientists to the United States. The code name for this operation was Project Paperclip.


Jack Letts, aka Jihadi Jack

6. The CIA's Project Bluebird, approved by director Allen Dulles in 1950, had the aim investigating the possibility of controlling a person by using certain interrogation techniques.

In 1953, the CIA set up Project MKULTRA to study mind-control.

(Project Monarch: Nazi Mind Control by Ron Patton)

The Nazis brought to America, after World war II, helped with this project.

The methods used to produce mind-control included 'electroshock'.

Operation Spellbinder was set up to create 'sleeper' assassins or 'Manchurian candidates'.


In the early 1960s, the US military began Project Monarch.

(Project Monarch: Nazi Mind Control by Ron Patton)

With Monarch, torture is used to produce mind-control.

The people whose minds have been controlled are reportedly used by the military as sex slaves.

They can be used to blackmail politicians.

They can be used to infiltrate organisations.

They can be used to carry out assassinations or suicide bombings.

Jake Bilardi was born in Australia in 1996. When he became a teenager "he blew himself up in a suicide attack in Iraq in 2015."

Reportedly, when the military are looking for people whose minds they can control, they look for people connected to orphanages, foster care homes, families linked to military intelligence, families with adopted children, families interested in Satanism andfamilies involved in child abuse.

Reportedly, many of the mind-control victims come from families linked to certain forms of Catholicism, Mormonism, or charismatic Christianity.

Reportedly, victims are often found to have scars or marks suggesting multiple electrical prods and mutilation by knives, branding irons, or needles.

(Project Monarch: Nazi Mind Control by Ron Patton)

MKULTRA victim Blanche Chavoustie

7. Names linked to US mind-control experiments include Dr Ewen Cameron, Lt Col Michael Aquino, a Jewish doctor named Dr. Gruenbaum and Dr. Josef Mengele.

(Project Monarch: Nazi Mind Control by Ron Patton)

Survivors of abuse under the Nazis remember Mengele torturing and killing a small child in front of a child he was programming.

Dr. D. Ewen Cameron was the former head of the Canadian, American and World Psychiatric Associations.

He carried out torture experiments on children at several locations in Montreal, including McGill University, St Mary’s Hospital and Allan Memorial Institute.


Cameron used the technique called 'psychic driving,' where children were kept in a drug induced coma for several weeks and given electroshocks, while electronic helmets were strapped to their heads and repetitive auditory messages were transmitted at variable speeds.

(Gordon Thomas, Journey into Madness: The True Story of Secret CIA Mind Control and Medical Abuse, Bantam Books, 1989)

Many of the victims were abused children from Roman Catholic orphanages.

Project MKULTRA was publicly exposed in 1970, through lawsuits filed by Canadian survivors and their families. The CIA and Canadian government settled out of court.

(BBC documentary on Cameron Click here to watch. )

Lt. Col. Michael Aquino, Aquino was connected with the Presidio Army Base day care scandal, in which he was accused child molestation.

Dr. Sydney Gottleib and Lt. Col John Alexander are also said to be linked to MKULTRA.

Fort Detrick, where the anthrax came from.

8. The Monarch mind-control experiments reportedly took place at the following locations:

Cornell, Duke, Princeton, UCLA, University of Rochester, MIT, Georgetown University Hospital, Maimonides Medical Center, St. Elizabeth’s Hospital (Washington D.C.), Bell Laboratories, Stanford Research Institute, Westinghouse Friendship Laboratories, General Electric, ARCO and Manking Research Unlimited.

China Lake Naval Weapons Center, The Presidio, Ft. Dietrick, Ft. Campbell, Ft. Lewis, Ft. Hood, Redstone Arsenal, Offutt AFB, Patrick AFB, McClellan AFB, MacGill AFB, Kirkland AFB, Nellis AFB, Homestead AFB, Grissom AFB, Maxwell AFB and Tinker AFB

Langley Research Center, Los Alamos National Laboratories, Tavistock Institute and areas in or by Mt. Shasta, CA, Lampe, MO and Las Vegas, NV.

(Project Monarch: Nazi Mind Control by Ron Patton)

Bush at Offutt on 9 11

9. One well known victim of CIA mind-control is Cathy O’Brien, who refers to abuse by her father, forced prostitution involving top people, and working as a drugs mule.

( - Cathy O'Brien's website /Google Videos of Cathy O'Brien)

10. Paul Bonaci has testified about sexually-abused boys from Boy’s Town in Nebraska being taken to nearby Offutt Air Force Base, where he says they were subjected to mind-control programming.

Bonnaci remembers being flown, with other boys, from the Air Force base to California and Bohemian Grove. (Project Monarch: Nazi Mind Control by Ron Patton)

Some victims were apparently murdered.

Offutt air force base

It is supected that Lee Harvey Oswald, Sirhan-Sirhan, Charlie Manson, John Hinckley Jr., Mark Chapman, David Koresh, Tim McVeigh and John Salvi may have been mind-control victims.

(Project Monarch: Nazi Mind Control by Ron Patton )

11. In 1992, Dr. Corydon Hammond, a Psychologist from the University of Utah, delivered a lecture entitled “Hypnosis in MPD: Ritual Abuse” at the Fourth Annual Eastern Regional Conference on Abuse and Multiple Personality, in Alexandria, Virginia. (Project Monarch: Nazi Mind Control by Ron Patton)

Hammond referred to the Nazi connection and military and CIA mind control research.

He is one of many people who have spoken out.




Sunday, 28 August 2016


The following is fiction.

Roger Stone has agreed to meet me at the Beach Cafe, an Upper East Side New York burger joint which has crystal chandeliers and linen tablecloths.

Roger Stone is Donald Trump's "longest-surviving confidant."

Roger Stone - / [48][49]

When he arrives I note that Roger is wearing a tailored linen jacket and a silky tie.

I notice that the waiters are all wearing ties.

We order 'Beach' Burgers, salads and Gorgonzola Garlic Bread.

I ask Roger about the tatoo of Richard Nixon that he has on his back.

"I was the dirty trickster for Richard Nixon," explains Roger.

Roger Stone -

Roger Stone

Roger continues: "Nixon talked about the silent majority, and the forgotten American - just like Trump is doing."

Roger Stone -

Roger tells me: 'I was introduced to Donald Trump by Roy Cohn'.

shermsays.blogspot. /


 I ask Roger about his first impression of Trump, when they first met.

"Trump's office was like something from a Marx Brothers movie.

"This is how Trump would operate as president," explains Roger.

Roger Stone -

From Dirty Tricks.

I ask Roger about Donald Trump's links to the Playboy Mansion, the gay Roy Cohn, sex clubs such as Studio 54 and Jeffrey Epstein.

Roger explains that Trump has impressed the Evangelical Christians in the Republican Party.

Roger says: "The attitude of the evangelical Christians is, 'Who cares if you were for homosexuality 10 years ago. Now you are saved'."

Roger Stone - / Roger Stone Denies That Donald Trump Is Homosexual.

Stone, in the 1990s, was exposed for having advertised in a swinger's magazine.

What about the Clintons, I ask?

"You can't trust them when it comes to sex," says Roger.

Roger Stone.

I ask Roger if he can trust Donald Trump to take a tough line with Putin and Russia.

Roger reminds me that Trump has said that Russia does not respect the USA enough, and, that if a Russian plane approaches U.S. military assets overseas, Trump will shoot it down.

Trump says the US has 'gotta shoot' at Russian planes.

I ask Roger Stone, who is is Jewish, about Trump and Israel.

"Donald Trump is a radical Zionist", says Stone.

Roger Stone on AIPAC Speech.

Will Trump bomb Iran?

"If Israel is in trouble, Trump will bomb Iran."

Trump love-bombs Israel - and says he would fight Iran.

Stone and Trump do not blame Jews for the JF Kennedy assassination.

Stone and Trump do not blame Jews for 9 11.

Stone tells me that the Clinton aide Huma Abedin "is connected to radical Islamic organizations that are in turn tied to the financing of the attacks upon America of 9/11."

Trump Confidante Roger Stone Pushes Clinton Aide 9/11 Conspiracy
Lunch with the FT: Roger Stone -



John Coatman MBE - the Crusaders and Urban Saints Youth Group Leader - has been found guilty of sexually abusing a 14-yr old boy.

Donald Wiseman worked for military intelligence.

Wiseman worked with the Christian Crusaders organisation.

He was leader of the class at Finchley, which included Cliff Richard.[14]



Saturday, 27 August 2016


Trump has said conflicting things.

Trump has said about ISIS

Let our regional allies take the lead

Let Russia take care of it

Bomb the 'hell out of them' and take the oil fields

Declare war and send in troops

On his Muslim ban

Exclude all Muslims

Impose 'extreme vetting'

Keep Muslims out except for members of the military and current residents

Ban Muslims from countries with a history of terrorism, 

It was 'just a suggestion'

Raising the federal minimum wage -  

Against it

Get rid of it

Leave it to the states

For it

Put it at $10 an hour.

On taxes for the wealthy 

Increase them

Cut them dramatically

Make the wealthy pay more

Make everyone pay less

On the national debt 

Eliminate it in eight years

Prioritize massive infrastructure spending

Renegotiate debt with creditors

Just 'print the money'

Donald Trump’s Greatest Self-Contradictions

3 Hot-Button Issues That Trump Holds Completely Conflicting Positions On .


Kirkcudbright, in Dumfries and Galloway, by David Sassoon.

The artist David Sassoon came to live in Kirkcudbright in 1926.

The Sassoon family are known as the Rothschilds of the East due to the great wealth they made from the opium trade [1].

The Sassoons are of Baghdadi Jewish descent.

Galloway landscape by George Henry.

The painter George Henry (1858–1943) portrayed the beauty of Dumfries and Galloway.

Kirkcudbright Artists' Colony.

Poster of Galloway's Solway Coast - by Charles Oppenheimer.

Charles Oppenheimer was a Kirkcudbright artist.

The artist E A Hornel and one of his models.

E A Hornel was a rich and famous Kirkcudbright artist.

Above, are some of Hornel's girls at Brighouse Bay.

Kirkcudbright was famous for its artists between 1880 and 1980.

Stranraer c1900

Stranraer harbour has bid farewell to ferries .

There are lots of Ghost Stations and Disused Railway Stations in Dumfries and Galloway.

Dumfries and Galloway has lost:

Most of its railways

Its town councils.

The county of Dumfries and Galloway has no motorways.

A major transport firm is considering moving its base from Dumfries to a site closer to the main A74(M) motorway.

Dumfries transport firm Currie European considers base move.

Arrol-Johnson motor works 1913 - 'Little Detroit' in Dumfries - now closed.

Dumfries used to have a number of manufacturing industries, but most of them are now closed.

The Troqueer and Rosefield Mills in Dumfries, c1911.

The Troqueer and Rosefield Mills in Dumfries are now closed.

The factory of the Drummond car firm.

The Drummond car firm is now closed.

Dumfries 1910

Dumfries has always had its poor and malnourished kids, and it seems to be getting worse.

Nearly a quarter of children in the Stewartry live in poverty .

Philip Day's business is worth over one billion pounds.

Philip Day is the owner of the 'Dumfries and Galloway-based' clothing firm the Edinburgh Woollen Mill.

Philip Day has closed his store in Dumfries.

Scotland has a number of billionaires, including the owners of Stagecoach buses.

Dumfries Bus 1921.

Currently, the worst bus service in the world is said to be Stagecoach's 501 bus service from Dumfries to Dalbeattie and Kirkcudbright

Dalbeattie in Dumfries and Galloway. Dalbeattie Civic Daze : Parade Day


Dumfries 1945.

There is a big gap between the rich and poor in Dumfries.


Calvin Harris, the Scottish singer-songwriter and record producer, is from Dumfries and Galloway.


In 1795 gatehouse had four cotton mills, a brass foundry, brewery, brickworks, soap factory, tanneries - and double its present day population.

Gatehouse, like most of the towns in this area, has been neglected.

Cally Palace Hotel, Gatehouse.

Sarah, Duchess of York, is one of the people who have stayed at the Cally Palace Hotel, in Gatehouse.

Drumlanrig Castle.

In the kitchens of his house in Edinburgh, the Earl of Drumlanrig is said to have roasted a servant boy on a spit.  

(Cached Cached)


Kirkcudbright is the best looking town in Dumfries and Galloway.

But, now, it has no town council and no railway.


"A 4,700-acre (19 km2) area to the southeast of Kirkcudbright and extending to the coast of the Solway Firth, was acquired by the Army in 1942, as a training area for the D Day invasion.[12][13]

"The area remains in active use for live-firing exercises to this day. Part of the training area is the Dundrennan Range, a weapons development and testing range.

"The use of this range for the testing of depleted uranium shells has been controversial."[14][15]


Samuel Peploe and Francis Cadell were part of the Kirkcudbright artists' colony.

Stewartry Show, Castle Douglas.

The farms in Dumfries and Galloway make money thanks to subsidies.

Some large landowners receive very large subsidies.

Castle Douglas.


Above we see Hornell's house in Kirkcudbright.

Strangely, it is only open in the afternoons.


The whodunit Five Red Herrings by Dorothy L. Sayers involves the artistic community of Kirkcudbright.[30]

The Kelpies at Kirkcudbright.

"Kirkcudbright Tolbooth was built between 1625 and 1629 and served not only as the tolbooth, but also the council offices, the burg and sheriff courts, the criminal prison and the debtors' prison. 

"One of the most famous prisoners was John Paul Jones, hero of the American navy, who was born in nearby Kirkbean." [8][9]


More photos here: DUMFRIES AND GALLOWAY.


More photos here:

Castle Douglas



Dumfries does not have its own town council.

Castle Douglas.

Castle Douglas no longer has a railway or a town council.

Douglas Day, Castle Douglas, August 2016.


Dalbeattie in Dumfries and Galloway. Dalbeattie Civic Daze : Parade Day

Dumfries Agricultural Show, August 2016. Non copyrighted photo by K Clark.

Dumfries and Galloway. Dumfries Show 2016. Non copyrighted photo by K Clark, Monaco.