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Jeremy Corbyn of MI5? Mirror

UK Member of Parliament KEITH VAZ is being protected by Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of the UK's Labour Party?

Natalie Rowe tweets:

"Disgraced KeithVaz has joined the UK Parliament's Justice Committee

"No Labour MP opposed it.

"He must have dirt on a few? "

dailymail - No wonder he's called Mr Vazeline

Above, we see Labour Members of Parliament Keith Vaz, Jeremy Corbyn, Diane Abbott and Bernie Grant at the Labour Party conference.

Jeremy Corbyn with his former agent Derek Sawyer, who has been linked to child abuse rings.

The mysterious Jeremy Corbyn hopes to be the next Prime Minister of the UK.

Jeremy Corbyn's parents were David Benjamin Corbyn (aka Corben) and Naomi Loveday Josling.

David Corbyn and Joslin both took part in the 1936 Battle of Cable Street, when Jews and other London East Enders prevented Oswald Mosley's Blackshirts marching through the area. 

During World War II, David was employed by the security services on a top secret scientific project in Wiltshire.

At that time, Victor Rothschild headed the scientific projects for the security services.

At one time David Corbyn and his family lived in a seven-bedroom manor house on the Duke of Sutherland's estate outside Newport.

How underachieving Jeremy Corbyn surprised everyone.

UK Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn (above) believes in the following:

1. Osama bin Laden was shot dead in Abbottabad.

2. ISIS is not run by the Western security services.

Corbyn at school.

We should remember that many Labour MPs have reportedly been agents of MI5 and MI6.

Think of Robert Maxwell, Tom Driberg, George Wigg, Tony Blair ...

Shayler: 'Blair was an MI5 agent'..

"Politicians including Donald Dewar, John Smith, Gordon BrownGeorge FoulkesGeorge Robertson and Robin Cook have been linked to organisations sponsored and endorsed by MI6 and the CIA."

Peter Mandelson was involved with the CIA/MI6-financed Socialist International youth wing and the Labour Party.

Spies in politics

"When John Smith became leader of the Labour Party he was a member of the steering committee of the Bilderberg Group: the steering committee, the inner core. He got Gordon Brown invited to the 1991 meeting...

"Who was John Smith? Genial, whiskey-drinking Scots lawyer from the traditional Labour right. But also life-long chums with a senior MI6 officer, now Baroness Ramsay.

"Lady Smith, his widow, is now on the board of an MI6 front company."

Spies in politics

Chabad-Islington Rabbi Mendy Korer (left) and MP Jeremy Corbyn (right).

In 1992, Corbyn was given clear information about child abuse rings operating in his borough but he reportedly took no action.

This could suggest that Corbyn is not what he seems; and is not to be trusted.

Jeremy Corbyn was educated at Adams' Grammar School, which has strong links to the military.

In 1992, social workers gave Jeremy Corbyn information about the organised child abuse in his Islington constituency, in London.

Employees of Islington Council came to Corby's constituency office with reports of child sexual abuse, and child trafficking, both linked to Islington Council's children's homes.

In 1985, 14-year-old Jason Swift was killed by a child-abuse gang. Jason is believed to have lived in Islington council's Conewood Street children's home. A close male relative of Baby P reportedly recruited boys from children's homes in Islington for the child-abuse ring. Islington children were reportedly sent to Jersey, the island linked to child abuse.

The social workers also reported to Corbyn on a child brothel called 'The Hot House'.

The social workers also reported that Islington children were being trafficked abroad and that some had apparently been murdered.

Liz Davies

Liz Davies, one of the five social workers who acted as whistleblowers, says: "We had been seeing so, so many 12 to 15-year-olds who were being sexually exploited that we could hardly believe it...

"We discovered that they were being driven around the country in vans.

"I'd personally identified at least 61 potential abuse victims in our small patch of Islington."

Liz davies says: "We were in his office for more than an hour. We shared all of our concerns, including our fears that local children had been murdered by abusers."

Corbyn said he would talk to Virginia Bottomley, the Health Secretary.


Demetrious Panton (above), a survivor of abuse, told Corbyn in August 1992 that "very bad things had happened" to him when he'd been living at an Islington care home several years earlier.

Liz Davies and a colleague informed Margaret Hodge (Margaret Oppenheimer), the then leader of Islington Council, about the child sexual abuse.

Hodge ignored their concerns.

Hodge later became one of Tony Blair's government ministers.

Blair lived in Islington.


In Islington, child abuse rings were operating within all 12 of the borough's children’s homes.

The Labour-run council employed known paedophiles, shredded key documents and dismissed media reports of the child abuse as 'gutter journalism'.

The Labour-run council sacked whistleblowers.

Liz Davies and other whistleblowers received death threats.

Almost 30 council employees accused of child sex crimes were allowed to take early retirement.

They were not subjected to formal investigations or referred to the police.


Jeremy Corbyn and Gerry Adams. What do they have in common? 

Liz Davies and her colleagues expected Corbyn to take action.

Corbyn never wrote to Davies, or telephoned, to acknowledge their meeting.

Corbyn never thanked her for blowing the whistle.

"After that meeting, we never heard another thing," says Davies. "There was no letter. No phone call. I never, ever saw him speak about it.

"In fact, whenever I saw Jeremy afterwards ... I’d always go up to him and say: 'This scandal is still going on, Jeremy.' He'd be very polite, but he never seemed to do anything."

23 years later, Liz Davies has yet to see Corbyn criticise the local politicians, council workers and political allies who allowed the child abuse to happen.


Corbyn, second from right.

Labour MP John Mann published an open letter accusing Corbyn of 'doing nothing' to prevent the abuse.

Mann wrote: "Your inaction in the 1980s and 1990s says a lot."

In 1986, Corbyn attacked the Conservative MP Geoffrey Dickens for drawing public attention to 'a child brothel on Islington's Elthorne housing estate'.

According to Corbyn's supporters: "Jeremy Corbyn called for an independent inquiry into child abuse in Islington at the time, and has taken this strong line ever since."

Did Corbyn call for an inquiry into the Islington scandal in the early Nineties?

Did he take a strong line over reports of child abuse in his borough?

Liz Davies can't remember Corbyn calling for an independent inquiry.

The Mail has been unable to find newspaper cuttings, recorded public statements, or extracts from Hansard, in which Corbyn calls for an independent inquiry.

A spokesman for Corbyn has been unable to identify when or where or when Corbyn might have made such a call for an inquiry, or where a record of it might now be.


Does MI5 recruit at Adams Grammar School?

Eileen Fairweather was the journalist who, in October 1992, first broke news of the Islington scandal.

She also held a meeting with Corbyn at the time, and provided detailed evidence of the child abuse.

She says that Corbyn never wrote, or called, after the meeting, to thank her.

She says Corbyn took no action.

In August 1992, Demetrious Panton, a survivor of abuse, spoke to Corbyn.

Panton says that Corbyn has been silent on the scandal.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.

Jeremy Corbyn with his former agent Derek Sawyer. 

Derek Sawyer is Jeremy Corbyn’s Former Constituency Agent..

The Mail on Sunday (The paedophile and the law chief.) told us about:

1) Derek Slade, who, on 6 September 2010, got a 21 year jail sentence for abusing 12 boys, aged eight to 13, between 1978 and 1983. 

The abuse took place at a 'military' boarding school in Suffolk.

2) Derek Sawyer, who reportedly helped Slade set up a false identity, after Slade had received an earlier conviction for child abuse in the 1980s.

Derek Sawyer is former leader of Islington ­Council and is Corbyn's former Constituency Agent.

Derek Sawyer (Mail on Sunday -The paedophile and and law chief: It took 32 years to bring pervert headmaster ... )

Sawyer and Slade set up International British ­Educational Projects.

This allowed Slade, using a false passport, to work with children in India and Africa under the pseudonym Dr Edward Marsh.

Sawyer was leader of Islington Council in 1992.


Trump and unknown woman.

Donald Trump allegedly used to host parties involving cocaine, sex and models as young as 15.

The parties were held at one of his Manhattan hotels.

"Trump was in and out. He'd wander off with a couple girls.

"I saw him. He was getting laid like crazy. Trump was at the heart of it. He loved the attention and in private, he was a total f....g beast."

Daily Beast 

Ivanka Trump's six-month-old son Theodore

Tony Schwartz wrote Donald Trump's 1987 book The Art of the Deal.

"I put lipstick on a pig," says Schwartz.

In a newspaper article Schwartz has portrayed Trump not as a brilliant mogul but as a ham-fisted thug.

The idea of President Trump terrifies Schwartz.

"It isn't because of Trump's ideology - Schwartz doubts that he has one.

"The problem is Trump's personality, which Schwartz considers pathologically impulsive and self-centered."

Schwartz believes that Trump's short attention span has left him with 'a stunning level of superficial knowledge and plain ignorance.'

Schwartz says, "That's why he so prefers TV as his first news source - information comes in easily digestible sound bites.

"I seriously doubt that Trump has ever read a book straight through in his adult life."

Donald Trump's Ghostwriter Tells All

Donald trump did give his blessing when Ivanka was 15 and signed on as a model with Elite.

Elite - "the hard-partying high-end agency founded by notorious teen-fucker John Casablancas."

Donald Trump is the most popular candidate with Evangelical Christians.

Yes, Donald Trump is the most popular candidate with Evangelical Christians.

Donald Trump's first entry into the beauty pageant business, American Dream Calendar Girls, led to a lawsuit alleging sexual misconduct.

dailymail / Boston Globe

American Dream Calendar Girls was run by George Houraney and his girlfriend Jill Harth, with the assistance of Donald Trump.

A pin-up model named Rhonda Noggle remembers joining Trump in his limousine with a group of scantily-clad girls as they left the Plaza Hotel's Oak Room.

Jill Harth alleged that she was repeatedly groped by Trump, during that night at the Oak Room.

Harth said that Trump made numerous unwanted sexual advances toward her throughout their business relationship.

Harth said that, at Mar-a-Lago, Trump brought her to an empty bedroom at the estate and restrained her from leaving.

Another girl with the group, 22-year-old Lauren Petrella, claimed that Trump had crawled in bed with her that night.

What we do know is that Trump is in Jeffrey Epstein's little black book.


Reportedly, Jeffrey Epstein was assisted by a top modeling agent and scout, Jean Luc Brunel, who has links to Israel.

Brunel is the boss of the MC2 modeling agency.

The Sex-Trafficking Model Scout 8/04/10

Lolita Lvova, who has reportedly worked for MC2

The EPSTEIN saga includes (1) the buying of a 14-year-old named Marcinkova from her parents (2) trawling Palm Beach for teenagers (3) receiving two 12-year-old French girls as a "birthday present" (4) entertaining top members of the 'Kosher Nostra', some of whom have been linked to 9 11

Elisa Sednaoui of MC2

According to court documents:

Jean Luc Brunel, Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell, house manager Alfredo Rodriguez, and Natalia Marcinkova "engaged in ... racketeering that involved luring minor children through MC2 ... to engage in sexual play for money..."

Candace Swanepoel of MC2

Reportedly young girls from South America, Europe, and the former Soviet republics were recruited for Esptein's sexual pleasure.

According to a former bookkeeper, a number of the girls worked for MC2.

Ginta Lapina of MC2

Brunel, along with numerous young models, was a frequent passenger on Epstein's private jet.

Brunel reportedly received $1 million from Epstein in 2005, when he founded MC2 with his partner, Jeffrey Fuller.

Liu Dan of MC2

Brunel's models include Ginta Lapina,Vogue China covergirl Liu Dan, Sessilee Lopez, Candace Swanepoel, Marina Lynchuk, Natalia Chabanenko, and Elisa Sednaoui.

Sessilee-Lopez of MC2

According to Michael Gross' 1995 book Model:

"Jean-Luc Brunel is considered a danger," says Jérôme Bonnouvrier. "Jean-Luc likes drugs and silent rape. It excites him."

"I really despise Jean-Luc," says John Casablancas. "There was a little group, Jean-Luc... They would invite girls and put drugs in their drinks."

Marina Lynchuk of MC2

60 Minutes and Diane Sawyer investigated Brunel in 1988.

The program interviewed nearly two dozen models who said they had been sexually assaulted by Brunel and/or by his fellow agent, Claude Haddad.

CBS spoke to five models who said that Brunel and/or his friends had drugged and raped them.

Producer Craig Pyes said "Hundreds of girls were not only harassed, but molested."

Natalia Chabanenko of MC2

Continued here: The Sex-Trafficking Model Scout

Nadia Marcinkova.

Nadia Marcinkova (above) had a successful career as a model for Chanel, Dior, Vogue and MTV.

Marcinkova did flight training at a small flight school at the Palm Beach County Florida, Airport.[4]

She is now a FAA certified commercial rated pilot and flight instructor.

A Venice Florida airfield is where Mohamed Atta and his chums learnt to fly and where the CIA reportedly organised its drug smuggling.

Reportedly, the Hebrew speaking Mohamed Atta flew drugs out of Venice, Florida, for the CIA.


Epstein's house manager Alfredo Rodriguez who died suddenly.

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A good headmaster (head teacher) gets the disruptive kids out of the classroom.

Academics at the Centre for High Performance, a research group, looked at changes made by 411 heads over a seven-year period.

Super heads | The Economist

Typical measures that heads employ to boost exam results include excluding unruly pupils.

However, excluding disruptive pupils can mean less cash from the government.

'The best heads tackle misbehaviour by moving the most disruptive children to separate classes.

'The best heads link up with nearby primary schools so they can shape pupils from an early age.'

BELOW, is what we wrote earlier:

One parent told Dr Rory Fox, the Head of a school in the UK: 

"My daughter doesn't do detention."

Another parent told Dr Fox: "My child likes to swear at people, that's just how she is. 

"It's none of your business to try to change her. 

"We like her how she is."

Some parents threatened Dr Fox, saying: "We know where you live and if you don't let our children wear trainers, you'll be sorry."

There was abuse from parents on Facebook, Twitter and in the local newspaper.

Ryde Academy head sent 40 girls home in a day as their skirts were too short

A UK school in 1853.

Dr Fox became the 'principal' of Ryde Academy, on the Isle of Wight, in January 2014.

Dr Fox is a 'troubleshooter' who gets sent into troubled schools, for limited periods of time, to make improvements.

Back in April 2013, an inspectors' report had declared Ryde Academy 'Inadequate' and having problems with bullying.

Dr Fox believes in rules, detentions and exclusions.

When he first arrived Ryde Academy he believed that "50% of the teaching at Ryde was not good enough."

One senior teacher "had refused to set homework because his working day finished at 2.40pm and he wouldn't be able to mark it - as he was going sailing."

"He is no longer with us," says Dr Fox.

Riverside School, Thamesmead.

As a result of Dr Fox's new regime, the inspectors say that bullying is now 'very rare'.

And, exclusions from school are half the national average.

Rosie, aged 15, says of the changes: "It was a bit of a shock when he started enforcing all the rules, but in the long run, people learn better. Classes start on time.

"Now, because we know we'll get detention, no one forgets their books. I think he's done it for the right reason.

"The odd thing is, he's not particularly strict in lessons. I've never even heard him shout."

Riverside School, Thamesmead.

Dr Fox's previous school was Basildon Academy in Essex.

When Dr Fox arrived at Basildon Academy, "graffiti covered the walls and truancy, bullying, fighting and staff absenteeism were high.

"Little homework was set, none was marked and pupils routinely walked out in the middle of lessons to smoke cigarettes."

Within a year, Dr Fox had improved the results in external exams.

After Dr Fox left Basildon Academy, the governors "immediately and systematically unravelled Dr Fox's changes."

In one school, Dr Fox "discovered a group of special needs children had been left to colour in pictures."

Dr Fox started teaching them to read and write.

Parents threatened to sue him "because he was making their children unhappy by teaching them to read and write."


The super headteacher Rory Fox was sacked for being too good.

How are school kids treated today? MICHAEL, JIMMY

1. It sometimes seems that the elite are responsible for the sad state of some of our schools.

"Justice David Collins ruled that the Hastings school was wrong to suspend Lucan Battison, saying his disobedience wasn't serious enough to warrant a suspension."

NZ school disappointed at hair ruling.

Children copy their parents.

2. "One of the main reasons so many teachers leave after three to four years in the profession - is noisy and disruptive classrooms.

"Australian classrooms were ranked 34th out of 65 countries in a recent OECD survey that asked 15-year-old students to describe the levels of noise and disorder, the time it takes them to start working, whether they are able to work uninterrupted and whether they listen to the teacher.

"It found Australian classrooms, compared with those in places that achieve the best results in international tests, such as South Korea, Singapore, Japan and Shanghai, are noisier and more disruptive and more time is wasted as teachers try to establish control."

The lost art of discipline | The Australian

1949. www.edinphoto.org.uk.

3. A study, by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, questioned more than 100,000 teachers across 34 countries.

The study found that in secondary schools in England unruly pupils are 'ruining four in every ten lessons'.

Teachers in England spend an average of seven minutes in every lesson dealing with incidents of disorder.

Teachers in England are verbally abused and intimidated more often than in nearly all other countries.

In England, the level of disruption was the fifth highest among the countries studied.

Teachers in England taught the most children described as having special educational needs

Read more: http://www.dailymail. / OECD: chattering, badly behaved students

Some children want to learn. populyst

4. Black pupils have achieved the biggest rise in test and exam results of any ethnic group including whites.

A report has found that social deprivation and the low aspirations of parents have caused low achievement among white, working-class pupils in England.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.


5. The best behaved school pupils are in Asian countries, such as Thailand, Singapore, China and Korea.

OECD educationtoday.

However, a headmaster once told us that if you take a child from one of these Asian countries and put them into a bad school in England or Australia, it may not be too long before that child starts to behave badly.

And, we know that some parents in China are TOO strict.

According to The Economist: "People who don't get on ... have the option of avoiding each other."

Behaviour | The Economist

This is not true for most children when they are at school.

The typical school is like a weird sort of zoo - where all the animals are placed together in the one large cage.

According to The Economist: "It is probably not a good idea to put two animals with high dominance scores in the same enclosure."

Behaviour | The Economist

Prince Charles at Gordonstoun

Similarly, it is not a good idea put someone like Prince Charles into a school like Gordonstoun.

"A prison sentence," was how Charles described Gordonstoun. "Colditz with kilts."

"Like penal servitude," agreed William Boyd, a Gordonstoun contemporary of Charles. "I happen to know, from his own lips, that Prince Charles utterly detested it."


Ideally, children have a choice of schools and education styles.

My town used to have several small schools.

Now, sadly, there is only one giant school.

Governments should not dictate how schools are to be run.

New curriculum swings back to an out of date teaching style - FT

It is surely silly to have kids memorising huge quantities of dates and facts and figures, when such information is now available online.

Neil Carberry, director of employment and skills at the Confederation of British Industry, says that the UK government's emphasis on rote learning might not be the best way to prepare pupils for employment.

According to Stephen Heppell, an education adviser to governments around the world:
"Schools should prepare pupils to interpret data and understand uncertainties.

"We need kids that can make things and do things, and that won't happen by giving them a heap of facts."

New curriculum swings back to an out of date teaching style - FT

The school system needs to become more flexible.

"There is no systematic use of the internet...

"Teachers still stand up in front of pupils and read out from their own lesson plans; kids still turn up to classrooms, sit behind desks and listen, taking notes.."

Schools are failing our children

In the UK, 19.8% of school pupils have special educational needs 

(eg learning and behavioural difficulties)

The EU average is 4%

Photo by Bert Hardy

Why does one child succeed in life, and another one 'fail'?

In How Children Succeed, Paul Tough writes that what matters most is character skills.

These are skills such as self confidence, optimism, perseverance, curiosity, conscientiousness, and self-control.

In other words, emotional intelligence, as taught by good parents, good mentors and good private schools, is what matters.

Both rich children and poor children can lack emotional intelligence.

"Suniya Luthar, a psychologist at Columbia University found significant psychological problems at the high end of the income spectrum... These problems arise most often in those high-income homes where children feel simultaneously a great pressure to achieve and an emotional distance from their parents..."

'How Children Succeed' — Q&A with Paul Tough

Bill Brandt

"Apparently medical reasons explain why children who grow up in abusive or dysfunctional environments generally find it harder to concentrate, sit still and rebound from disappointments. 

"The part of the brain most affected by early stress is the prefrontal cortex, which is critical for regulating thoughts and mediating behaviour. 

"When this region is damaged - a common condition for children living amid the pressures of poverty - it is tougher to suppress unproductive instincts."

School reform: Stay focused | The Economist

Website for this image...

Children who do not have good parents need good mentors and tutors, according to Paul Tough.

"Studies show that early nurturing from parents or caregivers helps combat the biochemical effects of stress. 

"And educators can push better habits and self control. 

"The 'prefrontal cortex is more responsive to intervention than other parts of the brain,' writes Mr Tough. 

"It stays malleable well into early adulthood. 

"Character can be taught."

School reform: Stay focused | The Economist

The problem is - how does a child from a problem family find a good mentor?

The best mentors are often grandparents.

But not always.

The silver-haired safety net

Super heads | The Economist